What to Look for in a Chew-Proof Dog Bed

Every dog owner wants his or her beloved pet to have the best life possible while in the family’s care. Animal lovers know that this involves more than just buying quality food and making sure that dogs get in a few walks a day. It also requires purchasing high-quality pet accessories and supplies, including safe and comfortable dog beds.

Some dogs make it more difficult to find the perfect bed than others. Those that love to chew or to scratch at their beds prior to laying down for the night or for a quick nap often wind up destroying cheaper products almost immediately. Instead of buying bed after bed, this article will outline what qualities to look for when buying an indestructible dog bed off of petsgetthebest.com.

Look for Weak Spots

What may be a truly chew-proof bed for one dog might be only, at best, chew-resistant for another. That’s why it’s important for dog owners whose pups are truly committed to their destructive ways to look for weak spots in dog beds’ designs. These often include zippers, seams, and corners, all of which can be uniquely problematic if they are made of cheap materials.

Well-Sealed Interior Chamber

The inner material used for the dog bed is less important than how well-sealed it is. Make a point of choosing a bed that is well-constructed and has heavy seams, as these tend to be the first thing to go. For puppies and male dogs who like to mark their territory, looking for a bed with a washable, waterproof cover is also a wise decision.

Outer Cover

The vast majority of fabrics used in constructing dog beds just can’t hold up to repeated chewing, scratching, and daily wear. Even supposedly heavy-duty fabrics like canvas can wind up being destroyed in no time flat by a problem chewer. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for beds that feature covers made of military-grade fabric.

Ideally, the outer cover will be round, not rectangular and will feature heavy-duty velcro, not zippers. These features will leave destructive pups with fewer problem areas to focus on.

Consider a Cot

If all else has already failed and even the most chew-proof of conventional dog beds have been ripped to shreds, it may be worth considering a dog cot. These dog beds feature comfy, extremely heavy-duty fabric stretched across a metal or PVC frame so that there’s no need for any interior material, seams, zippers, or other problem areas. They do tend to cost more than conventional dog beds, though, so be prepared.

Learn More Today

Want to learn more about indestructible dog beds prior to making a final decision? Check out options and some expert reviews at pets get the best. Just head over to http://www.petsgetthebest.com and browse around prior to making any purchase.


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